What we do

We design tools that prevent and address behaviors of sexual and workplace harassment We create effective, impartial and expedite mechanisms to investigate and provide harassment conflict resolutions, while safeguarding the rights of all the involved parties and those of the organization’s.

Our integral process is made up of the following components: 

Sexual and workplace harassment guidelines

Our guidelines promote safety and respect among the people who make up the organization.


Our Council of Experts serves as a private instance of investigation, conflict resolution, and harassment claims.

Organizational assessments

Our organizational assessments provide a broad and comprehensive vision of the causes of the problems. We have a verified methodology that evaluates data, structures, processes, people, and the relationships between them.

Team capacity building and awareness

We provide organizations with training, seminars, and mentoring, both in-person and remote (online), on diversity and inclusion, equality, and harassment prevention. We’ve launched Diversipedia.org, an online education platform, to enhance our online course offering.

Available trainings:

Sexual and workplace harassment

Conscious masculinity

Navigating multicultural environments without discrimination

Training for internal / disciplinary committees on investigation and resolution of harassment cases.

Training on guidance and technical support for managers and supervisors.

Training of teams of first responders to attend specific harassment cases.

Bystander intervention